Welcome to Perché No, a singing studio in London

Perché No? is a series of collaborative workshops for singers that explore the desire for personal expression through the voice enabled by the body’s physical release and wellbeing.

Arwel has set up his Perché No? workshops based on this holistic teaching philosophy.  The workshops are for groups of four to six singers, actors, presenters, teachers, business people or anyone who wants to find true expression through their voice.  Often a group of people from mixed disciplines creates an enriched shared experience.  A safe environment is created where those taking part can enable, support and facilitate the process which Arwel steers for each individual within the group.

The phrase Perché No?, meaning “Why not?”  expresses Arwel’s conviction that the approach is unique to each singer, however unconventional the path.  The process explores the desire for personal expression through voice enabled by the body’s physical release and well-being.

As part of these workshops Arwel has brought in a wide range of consultants from other disciplines such as stage directors, choreographers, sport psychologists, body therapists and vocal coaches.

Arwel works at his London-based studio with singers from all backgrounds and at all stages, from the experienced international opera singer to those on the cusp of their careers.  Above all he works to enable the person seeking their true voice, endeavouring to open the potential that lies within.